March 19, 2009


(This poem is an outcome of a classroom activity where 15 random words were given to the students and either a poem or a paragraph needed to be penned down in 20 minutes. I chose to write a poem on this unique fellow called Mauji Daruwallah. Hope you enjoy it! The words are highlighted for your reference.)

Today my friends, I’ll tell you a story

of a remarkable young lad, called Mauji.

Never in my life have I ever lied

this story is true, it can’t be denied.

This wondrous creation of the lord

was blessed to the Daruwallahs one fine morn.

When Mrs. Daruwallah felt a kick

she knew this day will be ‘BIG’!

BIG indeed it was…

Not just the day, but whatever followed.

The doctor cried in delight and in awe

“This DIKRA is the biggest baby ever born” and he cut the cord.

Mauji always faced ridicule since then,

“There walks, my friends, India’s biggest Ben!”

His T-shirt could encompass the whole class.

He ate his food in a tank of brass.

He always wanted to be an army man,

but he violated the requirements of the clan.

The general said “You are too visible

to camouflage in the foliage, you snowman abominable!”

The agenda hurt Mauji deep down.

His anger scared the whole town.

The red on his face was bright as the sun

His omnipresent fury made him pick up a gun.

The valiant ardour with which he stomped about

shook the whole battleground.

The calm young lad had now lost his cool

The tiny gun in his hand projected him as a fool.

When his mom heard of what happened,

she caned him good on his back end.

“My little Mauji, no matter how big you become,

you are still my little diva and not a Bum!”

His mum’s sweet words put sense right back in

from where it had escaped and created this din.

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