December 27, 2011

Give me Red!

"Reality is merely a perception, albeit a very persistent one."
                        - Albert Einstein

The Asian Paints advertisement with the catchy tagline “Merawala red!” or “Merawala green!” popped in my head when I was pondering over the reality of colour. Colour is merely a ‘sensation’ felt by the brain when the eye transfers light bouncing off an object. If that defines colour, then how can we standardize the sensation to each and every brain? Is it right to generalize colours (or sensations) felt or perceived by the brain? Merawala “Red” could be very different from anybody else’s Red. But, since I was taught to identify the sensation as red, my sensation has been termed the same as yours. If this was to be true, could it be possible that all of us have the same favourite colour? But, this is difficult to believe. What if my brain is recording red as green but I keep calling it red? Lots of questions there. Now, let’s get down to some problem solving.

The Reality of my world could be very different from anyone else’s. Some realize the difference and some don’t. The mind works way beyond what it sees. Sight is just one of the sensations. Humans have been unable to come up with a language that can help convey these perceptions to each and every living being homogeneously. Imagine a world where each and every individual feels the same way and reacts the same way for every single event or action that takes place. Probably losing way in the complexities of the human brain can be totally cancelled out if a common language of expression can be formed for the whole of mankind. At present, we are not communicating. We are perceiving. If the expression is not perceived in the same way as the expresser of emotions, the message has clearly not been conveyed. So the root cause of all the mismatch in communicating is the difference in perception.

One common language. One common expression that evokes the same desires, feelings and reactions. If discovered, we probably have an answer to all questions in life.

December 17, 2011

The Road to Nowhere

De La Nada Sale El Todo, Y El Todo Se Hace Nada.

It’s a whirlwind of thoughts that lands me in a granny knot. Every rampant idea being born out of the previous one sends my brain into an uncontrollable loop. All started by a simple effort towards letting go of the past conditioning of my mind. How does one ‘Let Go’? But before that, what does ‘Letting Go’ mean? Can I really erase my memory? Only a human brain is capable of relating time to a third party unlike animals who can only relate time to themselves. Hence, the curse or boon of the human brain to wonder, speculate and apply knowledge to goals way into the future. A future that may or may not be. One can always predict the future that will or will not change. Another super trait that the human brain possesses. As I write this piece that may or may not be read, my future is changing or shaping into something that I am truly aware of yet oblivious to.

Does my past have anything to do with my future? This piece that I am writing may have an iota of contribution to how I will think after I am finished writing it. I may or may not hit any solid conclusion or finding. But it is also conditioning my brain to think in a particular way. I may not be able to think outside a certain idea that I will finish forming after writing this article. A box of thoughts shaped out of some knowledge that I may have gained in my past is restricting the way I am thinking. I can question it. Put it to test. I can doubt the very existence of this box. A box that may not exist but manages to influence the way I think. The whys and hows will never end because that’s how my brain functions. That’s how 'ANY' human brain functions. A fact which is some information that I may have learnt in the past. The habit of questioning. Many say questioning is good. But what if it's a form of conditioning that my brain has undergone? What if there are no answers? It’s a scary thought. No answers. Makes every effort look futile. Probably knowledge will never lead you to an answer. Probably it’s just diverting you from the fact that there is no answer. Could that be the ultimate truth? I guess I’ll just have to wait till the book ends. Wait and watch. Wait and observe. Just wait.

May 17, 2011

Why Nuclear Wars Are Not A Threat Anymore

Have you ever wondered about what $4,000 can buy for you? If you’ve already started surfing ‘E-bay’ looking for deals worth that much, please try not clicking on something called “Produce songs that could destroy the world -by ARK Music Factory”. If you’re a mom, please try (I mean P.L.E.A.S.E - TRY) not to over-indulge your kids by offering to sponsor music videos with their kindergarten poetry turned into cacophonic songs. ‘Coz people are dying of their brains being turned into mulch, which might seem culturally enhancing to you but are, in fact, leading us to our graves. You have no right to inflict your numbskull kid’s lack of talent upon us. Why don’t you try teaching whales how to swim instead? And no… you are not spared even if you’re tone deaf!
We don’t stay jobless and waste time on ‘Youtube’ to watch your hormonal teenager’s pumpkin face, chanting the days of the week in a monotonous pikachu voice. Yes, we stay jobless and waste our time otherwise, but you can’t deceive us into watching shit. What do we expect next - A song on the names of months and how your daughter got her first periods? Is that all that your irritating little cake-faced imp can sing about? Sorry. Did I say sing? I find mosquitoes humming in my ear better. God forbid, if she were born in the 1700’s, your whole family would have been stoned to death or burnt at stake for the anti-musical genius’ ability of making dead musicians turn in their graves. I suspect you practiced inbreeding. There is no other way one could give birth to such fuck tards. If this sounds hurtful to you, good! Since there is no other way poor souls can raise their voices against such poor taste in… well, everything!
Note: If you're still puzzled about what's driven me towards this, please check REBECCA BLACK'S FRIDAY on Youtube. Hope you survive.

February 6, 2011

Polaris and the Nightingale

The nightingale was born yesterday
with its eyes fixed on the heavens.
The Polaris knew nothing about the new born,
just blinked into the oblivion.
It heard no sound - earthly or cosmic.
No winds or thunderclaps.
While the darkness surrounded him,
the pressure inside wouldn’t let it collapse.
Our lonely star had lived a long life
Space was his only comrade.
He was the one with directions
What earthling could come to his aide?

With only specks for a view
Brilliance could be blinding to hang on
Everything was a mere speck.
An atom. Too small to waste time on.

The new born grew up beaming at its brilliance.
Flitting from tree to tree
Flaunting its brown overalls
With a red tail so charming, even the trees would agree.
Whistling, trilling and gurgling through the day
Waiting for the night to come
when the distant companion would shine again,
and the quiet reigned over the diurnal bedlam.

The night songstress had seen less,
Tall trees protected her grail.
While she sang out earthly stories to her phoenix friend.
On high octaves and higher scales.
Content with his twinkling along,
But he neither heard nor saw who sang.
The nightingale sang all day and night.
Sleep would just waste her time.
And she gave up on sleep to sing
through the few days she could stay alive.
Now the nightingale lays buried in earth
No more songs to sing to the sky.

The star still keeps twinkling away
While the trees and the winds whisper to flak
“She was a new born alright,
but was named some 1000 yrs back”.

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