May 9, 2012

Low-point Sally

She’s not a guardian angel
to shield what she takes over.
Deem she’s an apparition
A task and Halo ‘pon her.
From the corner of yer eye
You’ll find her crouching silver
Nights you’re low n’ hurting
She feeds on it for supper.

Sally drinks your tears
meets over nightmares
watches the tossing n’ turning
In fear she lurks and ensnares.
Breezes through bouts of insomnia
keeps low but you can hear
when she gushes past on nimble toes
a cold breath when she’s near.

Sh’was there when you slept calm
When you woke up with no qualm
Follows you under the sun
Sniggered when you sang the psalm
Waits for you to fall
In good times when you stand tall
Looks out for gashes
You’ll sense pain when she’s around.

She’s the low-point Sally
Hate her and she breeds on it
Stays around till it hits again
Sears your soul bit by bit.
You’ll never escape her
She dwells in your shadow
When the sun sets again
In darkness she will wallow.
Time strengthens her grip
feels like a meth trip
every gasp, every scream
She's hungry. She will swallow.


  1. I miss writing poems and riddles. This is a good one.

    Blog hopping from Purebloggers!


  2. Beautifully written poem. Got your link from pureblogger. :)

    1. Thanks Tanya. It's very encouraging when people love your work. Keep coming back for more :)


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