November 7, 2010

Not Even Close

Ok… this one is for all the girls out there. Actually, even for the guys. I was just wondering, what’s the big deal behind most of the beauty procedures that all we girls go through? The monthly hassles of excruciating pain to look like porcelain dolls. Polished like diamonds to sparkle for the next 4 weeks. What if I want to be the diamond in the rough? Most of you would say… who wants that?

Every time I was letting out a muffled yelp when that barbarous woman was coating me with hot wax and religiously pulling out hair right from its roots giving a deaf ear to each scream I let out, I doubted the humane side of this parlour lady. You cannot imagine the ruthlessness that hides behind the warm smile that greets you. I already know that my mom doesn’t have one for making me go through this hell. Especially, when she coolly reads a magazine while I scream in pain. Just to make you guys aware about my threshold of pain, I have two tattoos on my body and I can swear on all that is good in this world that I can get a thousand more of these and not feel as much pain as waxing does!

When I looked up on this, I was shocked that women have been tolerating this ordeal even before the Egyptian Civilizations. Women have not been comfortable with their body for so long! The depiction of female beauty in sculptures, paintings and photographs have falsely led the entire womankind into believing something that doesn’t even exist. The funny part being that most of these sculptures and paintings were the creations of men. And, funny as it may sound, men know only what the women show them. So the vicious circle started by us comes bites us in the ass in the end. Just to clarify, I’m not taking sides here nor am I blaming anyone for what has become. But I’m truly saddened by the current state of affairs and how none of us have tried to break free from the vicious circle.

For the very few who will actually read this post, I’m not telling you to instantly stop all your monthly procedures and start looking like primates who’ve just escaped the prehistoric times. The idea is to just make you aware of how we lie to ourselves every time we look at ourselves in the mirror and prep up those eyes, with false eyelashes, pull and curl our hair so that it listens to you for the rest of the day, punish ourselves for every calorie intake and scorn at ourselves for the flab that stares back at us through those tight fitting clothes. Every time we proceed towards the XXL section with a promise to never visit it again. Every time we browse through the fairness creams and lotions to make us look instantaneously beautiful (like we aren’t already!). Every time we make ourselves go through the pain instead of pampering ourselves to look beautiful inside out.

Even the rose never complained about its thorns. I hope we start appreciating ourselves and the people around us for what is inside than what meets the eye. And in this blog I declare that I will make an honest attempt at breaking out of this vicious circle and doing justice to the real beauty in me.

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  1. Very True! Beauty Lies in the eye of beholder!


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