December 4, 2010

Jaipur Diaries

A recent trip to Jaipur. 3 school friends with not a care in the world. Tried to capture a smidgen of what can hardly be captured in words or photographs.

Anisha: I don't share my problems, I just sort them out on my own.
Anshuma: I sort out my problems and then share them.
Sankalp: I share all my problems, and none of them gets solved!

Saree Shop Guy: Bataiye madam.... kya dikhaoon?
Anshuma to the Saree Shop Guy: Mujhe Shaadee Chahiye! (talk about Freudian slips:p)

Anisha to Sankalp: You should adopt a chinese kid. They have so many kids I'm sure they can spare one.
Anshuma: Well, ahem, thanks for introducing the lesser known Spare-a-Kid Foundation...!
(pointed out by Ujwal Batra while I was typing this: China has a one child per family policy :))

Sharmaji: Madira-paan sirf do logon ke saath karna chahiye - ek woh dost jo tumhare liye goli bhi kha le, aur ek biwi ke saath! (Tada!)

Anshuma: It helps if they are good looking, but if they are unfortunate looking I can still make it work.

Anisha (pointing at a giant wheel in Chokhi-Dhaani): Oh, lets go to the Windmill :D

Anisha to Anshuma (Sankalp has locked them outside the hotel room): Why is he taking so much time? Maybe he is jerking off...
Anshuma: Oh well, we came, and then he came, and then there was light!

Anisha: Sankalp, you give me a complex.
Sankalp: Really?
Anshuma: er, yeah, of the superiority kind.

Anisha: It's like... Santa's given you a mystery present and you wanna know what it is. Unwrap it! Unwrap it!
Sankalp: Yeah.... i guess. (Suddenly brightening up) Hey! nice work pinkies! :D

Anshuma: It's because I cant get over it and hence I try to replicate it and end up making people hate me.
Sankalp: Wow! That's like the epitome of psychoanalysis.
Anisha: Ghanta!

Sankalp: Do I have fever?
Anshuma (checking S' pulse): I can't feel your pulse.
Sankalp: I knew that I was dead inside.

Anisha to Anshuma: It's so rare to find someone who loves you unconditionally like your boyfriend does. Only dogs can love like that.

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