September 28, 2008

Yours Lovingly, "DEATH" !

Tiny hands holding guns

Bodies turned inside out

The beast is on the prowl

Save your daughters and your sons.

The black will spread soon

The sky will burn the soul

No calm in this light

Life has changed to coal.

Splinters shatter the hearts

Tears wash no sins

Bent with sickly minds

Forget what has been.

Innocence is extinct

All face the wrath

The dove’s left the nest

‘Coz blood is on the path.

Eerie is the air

Smoke is in my breath

Fighting the way to peace

Gifting mankind to death!

Slurping on the happiness

Souls are dry of evil scent

God will not free you

Your minds are still hell bent!

(This poem is dedicated to all the delhi bomb blast victims... god give them peace!)

September 7, 2008

Lost Your Number !

Sploosh! into the puddles I go

Every time your sight crosses my mind

Feeling so lost amongst the fast cars

I jump when one honks from behind.

A girl goes with a yellow umbrella

I see her green skirt sway.

Look upwards to the sky

I feel drops on my face play.

My shirt is all wet

Walkin’ in my muddy jeans

I feel the paper with your number

In my pocket it moistly screams.

This was all that I had of you

After days without courage.

Days of wait and repentance

Took me some time to break the cage...

Sploosh! Into the puddles I go

Thinking how to reach you

The rains drenched all my hopes

The dream was too good to be true.

Faces around seem to smirk at me

The bicycle guy enjoys my misery

The water is enjoying itself

Seeing me Oh! so weary.