April 2, 2012

Life Lessons Leading To Nowhere

#458:  Do not crap where you eat!
Yes. If you love the hygiene of your deeds as much as the deed itself, draw borders. Don’t let it infect your sanity with conundrums polluting your way of life. And the consequence? You end up looking for a new place to squat every time. Geez! Save yourself the effort. Isolate your dining areas. (If you know what I mean!)

#45: The temperatures remain the same. Thresholds increase.
Remember how people give examples of babies learning from touching hot objects where they would never touch it again after the first burn. I say that’s just a whole load of crap. The first burn just pushed your threshold levels to a whole new level and you didn't even realize it. Burns are good and you will get burnt every time. But that's no reason to stop playing with fire. Wear your scars like accolades. They push you to a whole new level. 

#136: Travel Light
Easier said than done. There’s always something on the way that just can’t be left behind. But trust me on this one. There is nothing that can’t be left behind. Give away stuff. Donate some. Dispose off the baggage. Make room for the next lot. There are always a lot more places to cover! The bag will never get empty. Just lighter.

#3: Lessons always have newer editions
Change the covers. Improve the style. The core idea may stay the same. They sometimes may not. But that’s the best part about learning new lessons. You’ve always got to unlearn. Revamp models. Jazz it up with the latest!

#860: There’s always a better dress
Go on an impulsive buying spree. You like it. Buy it! Wear it with all you can afford and see how it goes. There will be prettier ones down the line. But that’s for another day. Remember, lessons need to be revamped.


  1. The whole write up connects me to a lot of things , Hopefully is being written that ways ....

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    That's precisely the point! :)


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