May 17, 2011

Why Nuclear Wars Are Not A Threat Anymore

Have you ever wondered about what $4,000 can buy for you? If you’ve already started surfing ‘E-bay’ looking for deals worth that much, please try not clicking on something called “Produce songs that could destroy the world -by ARK Music Factory”. If you’re a mom, please try (I mean P.L.E.A.S.E - TRY) not to over-indulge your kids by offering to sponsor music videos with their kindergarten poetry turned into cacophonic songs. ‘Coz people are dying of their brains being turned into mulch, which might seem culturally enhancing to you but are, in fact, leading us to our graves. You have no right to inflict your numbskull kid’s lack of talent upon us. Why don’t you try teaching whales how to swim instead? And no… you are not spared even if you’re tone deaf!
We don’t stay jobless and waste time on ‘Youtube’ to watch your hormonal teenager’s pumpkin face, chanting the days of the week in a monotonous pikachu voice. Yes, we stay jobless and waste our time otherwise, but you can’t deceive us into watching shit. What do we expect next - A song on the names of months and how your daughter got her first periods? Is that all that your irritating little cake-faced imp can sing about? Sorry. Did I say sing? I find mosquitoes humming in my ear better. God forbid, if she were born in the 1700’s, your whole family would have been stoned to death or burnt at stake for the anti-musical genius’ ability of making dead musicians turn in their graves. I suspect you practiced inbreeding. There is no other way one could give birth to such fuck tards. If this sounds hurtful to you, good! Since there is no other way poor souls can raise their voices against such poor taste in… well, everything!
Note: If you're still puzzled about what's driven me towards this, please check REBECCA BLACK'S FRIDAY on Youtube. Hope you survive.

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