February 18, 2009

An Ode To Joblessness

I was looking for inspiration today,

To pen down a few li’l words away

It was meant to make me feel oh! So good

Can’t think of much, but I think I should.

I gazed around and wondered for long

Wandering in my head, humming a song

How long have I been idle this way

I look lost! Is what people say.

Haven’t still thought of a line

Nothing strikes my head that could rhyme.

Blessed with this wandering brain

Tried to concentrate… but all in vain.

Ha! Laughs the devil on my side.

You will never ever ever decide.

Wasting your time on a stupid song.

Go do something else… go do something wrong!

The angel pitied my plight

“Come I’ll give your thoughts a flight”

Think of the first thing that pleases you

And I’ll give you something that rhymes with it too.

And here I go writing a song

Haven’t written one for so long

The angel rhymed away with me

To make a song rhyme so perfectly.

Gosh! ‘tis an ode to joblessness

Who am I trying to impress

Writing something so randomly

Thank you God for the Epiphany!

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