December 23, 2012

'Coz I'm Angry

Every hand that pushes you
Can be chopped off. You can.
Every tongue that swears at you
Can be sliced off. ‘Coz you can.
Every eye that strips you
Can be scooped out. You know you can.
 Every mind that hurts you
Can be turned unsound. You very well can.

It’s not a pity when you don’t.
It’s nothing to be ashamed of if you don’t.
Your silence is not weakness.
You don’t ‘coz you’re a woman.
You don’t ‘Coz you’re a lot better!


  1. Powerful words. But sometimes it is better to do them INSPITE of being a woman than dying a little every day and then one day fighting for your life, isn't it Ani?

    1. Of course, Zephyr. The poem is just a depiction of every woman who feels guilty for not raising her voice. It just wants to enhance what a woman should ideally feel (a sense of being a better individual) no matter what... even if she is misunderstood for being silent. I support a 'Roar' against anything that tries to violate her being.

    2. Hugs, Ani and here is wishing all of us a better year ahead, where we wouldn't have to fight for the right to life.

  2. I like that you say that we're better than violence.

  3. We need collective courage, individuals are many times not in a position to take it to the street (or authorities- for obvious reasons!)


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