March 22, 2010

Fear Rots!

Why be Happy when you’re going to die anyway? What’s the point? Is it because it’s more convenient to be happy than depressed?

“Happiness” is never enough! Contentment doesn’t exist! The yearning to get comfortable never ceases! How can death be an answer to happiness?

But there is a limit to suffering! One can’t bear more than a specific level. Pain. Sadness. Suffering. It's all limited. Limited to death. Hence, death is the answer.

If suffering justifies death then why keep looking for happiness?

‘Coz it’s EASY! The fear of suffering is the only reason we try to be happy and any person who claims to be happy disgusts me! All you "happy people" are a big blotch on your very existence!


  1. Could see this coming after our conversation :)

  2. well pallo... it's something i realised way before our conversation... just shared it wid u dat day :)


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