March 11, 2010

Exotic is the Word

I’m not achieving any great heights in my less than ordinary life when I’m sitting dreaming of greater things in life while the earphones in my ears are playing the Ghostbusters soundtrack when in reality I should be working on some random telecommunication report. However, the mind has the capacity to make you feel like a total incompetent wreck and a rock star at the same time. Here I am sitting imagining great things like learning Spanish and then finding a job in Spain and buying a studio apartment and a dog and a cat and live a comfortable life ogling at the scrumptious Spaniards that trot the exotic land. But as my favourite quote goes “Reality continues to ruin my life!” You are so sure that you deserve peaches and you open your eyes to bloodsucking leeches!

Well just for your mere entertainment let me jot down the leeches ruining my life. First of all, I don’t know Spanish! So I thought I’ll enroll myself for Spanish classes. It’s not that I’m going to turn myself into a hot Spanish woman with a heavy accent and a sensuality that men can barely resist, but I do aspire to achieve those traits. Ha! Isn’t denial the best state of mind? I have already started picturing myself as a hot Spanish seductress oozing sensuality that I myself am finding hard to resist. Hey wait! But I friggin don’t know Spanish! Oh chuck the Spanish… I’m going to turn myself into a seductress anyway. And then ill get a job in Spain and live in a studio apartment with a dog and a cat and ogle at the hot Spanish men all day long! Now, all I need is to find myself a job in Spain. So possibly what could I work as in Spain? I’m thinking. Still thinking. Maybe a waitress. That way I can check out guys all day long. Yes! I’m going to be a waitress in a Spanish restaurant and serve Spanish food. Sounds neat. So that’s set. Now for my studio apartment. I guess that won’t be hard to find. And the dog and cat thing will work out too. So there I have everything in place. A sensuous personality. A Spanish job in Spain. A studio apartment. A dog and a cat.

Nah! Too boring. Maybe I could become one of those Spanish speaking gypsies. Aha! That’s what I need. I’ll join a group of gypsies in Spain and develop my psychic abilities. I don’t know what I’ll do with these abilities but I will develop them just for the heck of it. Because otherwise it’s hard to convince people that you are a gypsy. Maybe I can switch the dog with an exotic parrot and keep a black cat. That will suit my personality real well. So, now I’m a Spanish gypsy with psychic abilities and a parrot and a cat. I don’t see how that cannot be achieved. Finally I have an ambition in life and an aim to work towards. What the hell am I doing creating worthless reports on something as blatant as telecommunications? This is what I was born to do. Become a Spanish gypsy. My goals are set. And now I’ll get back to my work before my boss sees me fooling around. I need the money to at least buy me the tickets to Spain. The rest is figured out. Spain! Here I come.

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