January 6, 2010

When the Night Falls

Riding upon the mighty stallion

Comes the dark lord.

To many he brought some dread

With the wrath of his sharp sword.

The halo around his head

Lighted up his horns

The peace on his face

wrinkled his eyes forlorn.

‘Tis not the ghouls that he befriended

that coronate the dark lord.

His evils aren’t his mistakes.

He need not forgive the ghosts aboard.

The choices he gives,

mistaken for temptation.

Betray thine cowardice to excel,

gore through the fog towards illumination.

The saint in white will be worshipped

rarely out of love,

‘Tis the fright of the dark lord,

pushing the dark below and the light above.

The terror of the dark

and the comfort of the light,

makes the fool see

mere black and white.

By only the lost and the messed

will the gray be seen.

Both are stealthy allies.

For the victims, as enemies they feign.

The moon darkens the sun

overwhelming the shine.

The solar halo crowns Luna

through the eclipse benign.

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