April 5, 2008

OMG! Who Is That WANNABE!!!

Wannabe” is one word that I love to ponder upon. Sometimes I wonder whether I am one of those myself! Well it’s not surprising if I am one . After all everyone is a “Wannabe” at some point in their lives. I just looked up a regular Oxford Dictionary (the Indian version). Wasn’t quite expecting to find the word in there but luckily I did. And this is the result I get…

Wannabe n. slang 1 avid fan who tries to emulate the person he or she admires. 2 anybody who would like to be someone else.
[corruption of want to be]

Well the first meaning doesn’t sound that bad does it? After all we all have had role models in our lives or maybe still have one and could kill to be like them. There was a time I aspired to be Nadia Comeneci myself! But then time and tide sometimes change the face of life to such an extent that dreams are just washed away with waves. Well that’s a totally different botheration altogether. But what my Oxford dictionary just made me realize is that being a wannabe isn’t all that bad.

However the second meaning somehow leaves me hanging in a strange wave again. A person trying to be someone else definitely needs help. ‘Coz that is a completely distant feat. Wants have been a cause of all undesired quandary for all mankind. I guess I need to curb my wants myself at times. But I never felt guilty for wanting too much. Might sound a bit too conceited but its true. However being a totally different person from who I really am is something I never wanted. And there comes the million dollar question, “Do I know who I am?”. Hmmmm… I am not sure how to answer that question and if I am not aware of who I am then how do I know what do I want.

The previous paragraph just left me into splits of laughter! Hence I just answered my own question. I “AM” a wannabe. And hereby it seems like every single person is a wannabe who doesn’t know who he/she is or what he/she wants. Well that almost defines more than half the population existing on the face of this earth. Therefore I’ll have to think twice before I pronounce someone as a “Wannabe” from now on because now I know I am one too. And I don’t think anyone should feel ashamed accepting this fact that we all are wanting to be someone else in the process of finally realizing who we actually are. This might have not been the best article written by me, but this is the truth and hereby I rest my case.

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