April 4, 2008

In The Fold Of My Arms

The day I had you in my arms,
when I saw you for the first time my dear.
Your tiny fingers and delicate toes...
that dreamy smile
so angelic you did appear.

I felt like cuddling you so tight
But was so nervous
‘Coz never had I held a newborn
In these hands so careless

I felt you breathe
That left me enthralled.
I ran my fingers o’er that small face
Felt your skin so soft
You were my ultimate reward.

When you open your tiny black beads
I was left baffled by the beauty so pure
bringing tears of joy
and my heart you allure.
While you tried to grab my chin
with those tiny hands of yours.

Was it a smile I saw…
Revealing the toothless mouth of yours.
You seem to recognize me
Promising a relationship
That was to grow by each passing day for sure.


  1. keep coming back for more....
    got lots to share :)

  2. Ani, I,ve just discovered your blog and all I have to say is... WWAOOO! It´s really good, you write with a lot of sensibility and emotion. I also write poetry and I´m sure I will visit you often to share your poems and also to practise my English.
    Congratulations, Amy!
    Greetings from Spain!

    1. Muy Gracias! Armando :) would be glad to help you out with your english as well. You can help me out with mi Espanol :)


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