June 16, 2007

When The End Nears...

It just struck me one evening, while I was gazing outside my 6th floor apartment window at the lightning and thunder in the dark skies, as to god’s miracles are ubiquitous. In the fast pacing lives of today no one has the patience or time to stop by and think about them. But some people (like me) do sometimes come across thoughts which they are usually too lazy to share or pen down somewhere for others to bump into them and ponder over! And I think writing is a good habit, so here it goes…Well the word “Apocalypse” literally means the lifting of the veil. So it quite flatters the actual understanding of the word. It technically refers to the unveiling of God, in his guise as the Messiah. Now such terminology materializes in all religions in different outlines, for example in Hindus its considered the ‘Pralay’.

As of now, I have no idea whether such a day will come in the near (or far !) future, or will I be a witness to it or is it just a belief or a myth. But when you come to think of it, it does make sense. After all, all things have an end… and so does the world. Doesn’t it? Some people take it like a waste of time to ponder over the future so distant and unpredictable and some take this thought as a fun spoiler. Now come on! Who wants to bother about negative aspects like these and worry for nothing. Life is not about worrying any ways! But I feel this issue is worth a thought.
I wonder whether it’ll be a slow painful process or just a millisecond long “KABOOM!” I know its not funny… but the latter seems much better right? There wont be survivors claiming to say… “Been there, seen that”! No 24*7 news updates flashing headlines on after effects. No fundraiser concerts or T.V shows for survivors. No politicians to give or share sympathies. No compensations. No mourning. No grief. No pain. No dreams. No goals. ‘Coz it’s the “END”! Does give shivers down the spine, doesn’t it? Actually its God’s way of saying “Game Over!”Its hard to imagine billions n trillions of dreams being crumpled away and never being realized again! The billions of expecting mothers never getting what they are expecting, millions of aspiring youths never accomplishing their goals. A zillion souls with a fire to do something in this world and never proving their worth. The wait of crores for something they’ve waited for ages probably will finally be over with nothing in return. How weird are the ways of God? Who knows what the great plan of God is for mankind. Maybe it’s the curiosity that kills the cat.

There are so many things man is unaware of, that exist around him or “maybe” above him! His constant greed to outdo nature and overlooking the finer things in life will maybe satisfy his ego but eventually take its toll on him. There will be a time when God will get tired of giving signs and run out of last warnings. Perhaps that’s the day not much awaited and not well thought of.No matter, how many people read this piece of thought and consider it, or maybe just ignore it, the fact remains the same… the day will surely come. Perhaps a few years from now, perhaps next month, perhaps tomorrow or maybe this instant! But I surely don’t want to be a witness to it. I want to be remembered, thought of and be present even when I am not there. I don’t have a clue what He has in mind for me… or for anyone, but I know something is surely cooking!

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  1. hey anisha...sharmila here. i loved "when the end nears". i was happy to learn i wasn't the only one thinking abt the end
    keep it up girl... :)


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